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Sr Abegail ThomasSr Abegail Thomas
12:52 12 Mar 24
I had a lot of physical and mental health problems and the treatment there and the attitude of all the staff impressed me. I am now resting after treatment and hoping for a full recovery.Thank you all
penta upendrapenta upendra
10:09 12 Mar 24
I had been treated for psoriasis in Dhatri ayurveda hospital, and i have observed good results compared to other conventional treatments. The doctors and entire staff are so good at their job and treated so well.
Jancy jacob mavelikaraJancy jacob mavelikara
10:23 05 Mar 24
It was one of my best decisions to take treatment in Dhathri hospital.I was suffering with very bad back pain and sciatica pain on my right leg.When I started to get the treatment,I was not even able to lift my leg or was not able to turn over myself.I had a consultation with Dr:Beena,Her way of talking and smile took away half of my pain,and I can't forget Dr:Jomol also. I took 14 days of treatment,which was very effective.Coming to the therapists,I don't know how to explain about them,they are well trained ,qualified,polite and highly professional.Special thanks to Pyari,Archana😍😍😍(they both were my permanent therapists),also would like to thank jyothy and Varsha.Anju....🥰🥰(she is the student therapist) I never ever will forget you😍😍Thank you once again, Dhatri, for the outstanding care and service provided to me.
Anil KumarAnil Kumar
14:55 28 Feb 24
Absolutely IMPRESSED.I had issue with psoriasis for past 25 years and there was no improvement. I gained confidence on my first appointment with Dhathri Hospital. Doctor diagnosis the problem through video call and recommended for Panchakarma treatment for 21 days.Doctors asked in detail the medical problem iam facing to understand the root cause of the issues. Doctors, nurse and staffs were very professional and knowledgeable.Excellent care from the minute I checked in with the office staff, the nurse screening and procedures, and the doctor’s knowledge and diagnosis of my problem.The care was outstanding all the way from start to finish. The support staff was very professional and pleasant. The facility was well equipped and designed for patient privacy, service and efficiency.Thanks a lot and all the best!!!
Diane GraceDiane Grace
05:35 05 Feb 24
I had an amazing experience at Dhathri Ayurveda resort, with the 5 day Panchakarma treatment, The care and service I received from the doctors, Ayurveda massage therapists and chefswas outstanding. Simple, yet comfortable accommodation overlooking the lake with free Wifi. I also had the wonderful opportunity of experiencing a daily yoga practice with a local instructor. I left the Dhathri Ayurveda resort feeling cleansed, rested and rejuvenated. They also have a hospital and a great Ayurvedic pharmacy in town. I would highly recommend.
02:06 10 Jan 24
I had a great experience with Dhathi Ayurveda Hospital. The stress management treatment they provide is very effective and it helped me a lot. They follow traditional methods of treatment and provide them at a nominal rate compared to many such treatment facilities.
Nisha VishalNisha Vishal
10:53 02 Jan 24
I appreciate the professionalism exhibited by the medical professionals. The Panchakarma staff is not only well-trained but also exceptionally polite. The doctors demonstrate a friendly demeanor and show genuine concern for our well-being. I extend my gratitude to Dr. Dhanya for her continuous follow-up and unwavering support.

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Hear From Our Guests

"About 6 years ago, I had first experienced lower back pain and it was severe. I had consulted many doctors in Muscat and tried many treatments, but none of them worked out. One of friends recommended the Katisula treatment at Dhathri Ayurveda. I am now completely healed. All thanks to the wonderful team at Dhathri”

Mr. Biju

"I had Arthritis and hence I had swollen knees and elbows and I experienced much difficulty in walking. I was first admitted for treatment in 2006 and I am still continuing my treatment. Everyone at Dhathri treats me like a family member and I also consider them as family."

Mrs. Kamalamma

" I am highly satisfied with the treatments of Dhathri Ayurveda Hospital. After their effective treatment, I got relief from my body pain and it was really a great wonder for me. I also had a very good experience with their service, food & facilities and I truly recommend them for Ayurvedic treatments. "

Mrs. Mina Misra

Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials

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Dhathri Ayurveda Hospital and Panchakarma Centre is one of the best Ayurveda hospital in Kerala for authentic Ayurvedic treatments and expertise in offering the right medical outcomes.  Holding a legacy of 300 years, Dhathri offers the best Kerala Ayurveda treatment for spine joint disorders, skin disorders, hair & scalp disorders, lifestyle disorders, and wellness.

As the top Ayurveda hospital in Kerala, Dhathri Ayurveda Hospital is accredited by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare(NABH).We maintain harmony and balance with all elements of nature by utilizing every essence of it to heal, making our hospital a complete eco-friendly place for the best ayurvedic treatments, rejuvenation massages, and panchakarma therapies.

Good clinical outcomes evolve from good diagnosis.Our team of doctors listens to all your concerns and suggests the best treatment required for you, based on your body Prakriti. This is evaluated through the best combination of quality comprehensive diagnosis and traditional Ayurvedic treatment methods.

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Dhathri Ayurveda Hospital offers a fresh approach to holistic well-being. Our quality treatments and picturesque riverside locations enhance healing in a serene atmosphere. Take the break you’ve been planning; it’s the perfect time to recharge physically and mentally.

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Dr. S. Sajikumar is the Chief Physician & Managing Director of Dhathri Ayurveda Hospital. Pioneering comprehensive well-being, he combines tradition with expertise, addressing a wide range of health concerns and promoting Ayurveda globally.

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NABH Accreditation

Dhathri Ayurveda Hospital and Panchakarma Centre is accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH), a constituent board of the Quality Council of India. 

The National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) operates under the umbrella of the Quality Council of India. Founded in 2005, its primary objective is to develop and implement healthcare standards tailored for hospitals and healthcare providers.

NABH accreditation at Dhathri Ayurveda Hospital and Panchakarma Centre signifies our commitment to fostering a culture of quality, patient safety, efficiency, and accountability in delivering care. This certification provides patients with additional assurance of the highest standards and practices in healthcare. As a registered hospital, our team of Ayurvedic experts offer authentic treatment programs designed with superior standards in staffing, patient care, safety measures, medication management, consent procedures, record-keeping, and infection control.


NABH accreditation signifies the commencement of our journey towards continuous quality improvement, as we steadfastly pursue the highest standards of clinical and service excellence.

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