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Meditation and yoga for modern life

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Stress + Mental Health
Digestive Conditions
Back Pain, Neck Pain
Post-Surgical Support
Migraines, Headaches
Reproductive Health


Hormone Imbalances
Cancer Treatment
Immune Health
Emotional Wellness
Longevity, Biohacking

Transform your body, mind and life today


Clients words about us

I was suffering from severe Psoriasis all over my body since the past 8 years. This affected my personal, social and professional life quite badly. To begin with I sought out the best of Allopathic medicines and treatment. Not only was it expensive, it made the problems worse. My overall health declined due to the harsh side effects. I was in a horrible shape when I came to Dhathri. I listened to the experts at Dhathri and followed the plan the set for me and within three weeks I was already feeling better. They were willing to listen and understand my various problems. I had a few minor setbacks during the early detox weeks, but I continued to improve to the point how much better I felt and looked. After 28 days of treatment, I can see my healthy skin for the first time since 8 years. I feel like my old self all over again.

Vardha Rajan

"I felt so happy to be in Dhathri Ayurveda Resort for the past 14 days for Ayurvedic treatment. The treatment they offered and the health care professionals including the doctors and the therapists were of exceptional quality and I am highly satisfied. Throughout our stay, we received daily consultations from highly experienced and knowledgeable doctors, Dr. Beena, Dr. Sajjikumar, Dr. Priju, and Dr. Jomel. Their guidance and expertise were invaluable in tailoring the treatments for each of us. I should really say that it is one of the best Ayurveda hospitals in Kerala with the best waterfront resort cottages, highly skilled doctors & therapists, dietary food, and hospitality. Thank you Dhathri for such a wonderful experience! "

Amol Shah , Baramati

I am highly satisfied with the treatments of Dhathri Ayurveda Hospital. After their effective treatment, I got relief from my body pain and it was really a great wonder for me. I also had a very good experience with their service, food & facilities and I truly recommend them for Ayurvedic treatments.

Mina Misra , Bengaluru